NDIS accredited and Blue Card Holder.

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Why Get a Tarot Reading?

Joy answers questions about her tarot readings.

Q:   What got you interested in tarot?

A:  My interest in people! When I was studying for my counselling degree some years ago, I read a book on Carl Jung that mentioned he believed tarot can give insights into the unconscious, in the same way that dreams can. I went out and bought my first pack of cards and taught myself to read them over a weekend.

Q: Are you psychic without the cards?

A: Yes. Even as a child I would know certain things would happen before they did. Understandably, I guess, this was confronting to my family and so I suppressed it for many years. The cards give me a timeline and structure for the information I’m receiving for my client. I can also sometimes get visions from people’s jewellery. In a couple of instances I’ve also communicated with beloved pets of clients.

Q:  I’d come for a reading but I’m really scared I’d get the Death card!

A: I think we’re all a little afraid of that card! I begin every reading by asking the client if there is anything he or she doesn’t want to know. Most people say “tell me everything” but occasionally they’ll say “don’t tell me about death or illness” and I respect that request. By the way, the Death card is really about transformation through ending: it could be the end of a relationship, or way of life, or a physical death.

Q: Are some people easier to read for than others?   

A: I tell my clients that I am reading “the opportunities and challenges in their energy field right now”. Most people come to me because they want this information, they have some questions about their present reality. So people are open to me talking about their lives and most people are quite amazed by what I’m able to tell them. Occasionally someone blocks me and that can be challenging. Fortunately most clients enjoy what is a fun and enlightening experience.

Q: So you would recommend a reading to anyone, regardless of religion?

A:  Oh yes! The tarot has been around in one form or another since the Italian Renaissance when they were designed to be a set of playing cards. I have always been “spiritual” and open to the other dimensions of life. I am respectful of all my clients and their beliefs and always sensitive to their world-view. My goal is to support them in making enlightened decisions by giving them information they may not have otherwise had.