NDIS accredited and Blue Card Holder.

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Personal Readings

How do Tarot card readings work?

I am a visual person and clairvoyant. This means that very often I get visions or images in my mind. Sometimes I just see words. I channel from your Higher Self and Spirit Guides and they give me very detailed information for you.

The tarot cards are symbols or archetypes. They add to the mental pictures I receive and give them a framework, often letting me know the way something will play out for you or the timeframes involved for something to happen. At other times they are giving me specific information about you or someone in your life. For instance, if there are a dominance of say, swords cards, this might lead me to suggest that the person involved (either you or the person you are interacting with) is an air sign – Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. I have studied esoteric astrology (the astrology of your soul’s purpose in this lifetime) and all of this information is what I bring to the reading of the tarot. Swords can also mean challenges and if they keep appearing, with your permission, I’ll go deeper into them to find out more. Please note: I never tell you bad news unless you tell me you want to know.

I will say this: some people’s energy is easier to read than others. The 'best' readings are face-to-face, on Skype or over the phone because then I can get more detail for the person.  Online tarot reading works well if you have a specific question you want answered.

However I am reading for you – even at one of the busy corporate events where I may do 35 to 40 readings in a night – every card spread is different, every reading is unique and I am fully focussed on you, and the benefits you will receive from the information I give you.

Remember: it is all just information and it is up to you what you do with it. I don’t believe that there is very much about life that is 'written in stone'. We all have free will and every decision opens up both new possibilities and possible challenges.