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You are truly amazing and the accuracy of what you told me was so incredibly correct.

—Jill M.

It happened just as you said, very quick, very smooth, everything just fell into place ... thank you for your wonderful reading.

—Lorraine D.

Joy is unbelievably accurate in her readings. I find the experience of being with Joy extremely uplifting for me personally. She is a wonderful person to discuss challenges with and how I might approach them. I have been seeing Joy for the past 18months, every 3-4 months, and will continue in the future. Highly recommend.

—Melissa Wilkinson

Joy was highly accurate with what had happened and is currently happening with me. Looking forward to positive changes.

—Jodie Freeman

Having a reading with Joy is always an incredible experience, she truly has an incredible gift and always goes above and beyond. It is more than a reading though – it’s guidance, truth, wisdom, compassion and love. By the way, I have never met Joy, all our readings have been over the phone.

—Lisa Ryce

A visit with Joy always leaves me clearer and stronger to get on with achieving my goals. Thanks Joy.

—Margaret Liddy

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