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Writing Real

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Normally $79.99 - available for free for a limited time only!

An eight-module online course with coaching feedback that turns your dream of writing non-fiction into reality.

Want to write a non-fiction book but don’t know where to start?

Writing a book about your business, professional or spiritual speciality is an excellent way of establishing yourself as a leading authority in your field, whatever that might be.

Non-fiction represents a huge percentage of the book retailing market. People will buy books that they think will educate them or enhance their quality of life whether they define that by seeking knowledge about business practices, travel to exotic places, parenting or spiritual wisdom.

This course will help you get clear about why you want to write a book, what benefit you want your reader to get from reading it, how to structure your book and how to structure each chapter. You will learn about ‘voice’ and how to develop your own. You will also learn about the Hraire Counting Limit, the parts of a book, your publication options, and how to write a synopsis and covering letter. The Appendix also contains templates that you can adapt to your own book requirements.

Best of all, you will be getting practical experience in doing the writing plus coaching feedback designed to strengthen your innate writing style and to connect with a potential reader.